Thursday, January 22, 2009

Promoting My Home Business

Sorry I haven't posted in a while but running your own at home business is very time consuming! You would think it would be so much easier not to get up everyday and haul yourself off to your 9-5 but the reality of a home business at least in the beginning is that you are working on some aspect of it seven days a week. Since taking the leap to start my business at home-I do Pet Grooming, things have been building up pretty steadily. I have been self-promoting everywhere I go. I made a little postcard flyer that I designed at and I leave some everywhere I go. Since my particular at home business is dog grooming I really want to establish a good relationship with the vets in town so I made sure to introduce myself to them and explain what kinds of services I was offering. I also went out to our local S.P.C.A to volunteer some time. I let them know that I was willing to groom some of their dogs that were in bad shape in the hopes that they would get a nice home now that they looked more like a doggy and less like a leafpile with knots in it. I did let them know that my motives were not entirely altruistic, I hoped to get some referrals from there and possibly a newspaper story about the groomer who was generously donating time to help the dogs in need. See we all win, the dogs get fixed up and I get customers for my home-business. I have also spent some time going door to door in nearby neighborhoods promoting my home business. That has worked out pretty well, people tend to favor a face to face meeting. Always have your appointment book with you wherever you go. I even handed out a business card at a traffic light the other day! I was returning a load of customer's dogs and they all happened to be standing on their hind legs and looking out the windows of my Explorer naturally this attracted the attention of the car next to me so I rolled down the window and gave her a business card. The point is hand out promotional materials for your home business wherever you go. Usually the first rule of opening your business is Location, Location, Location but in the case of a home business it is Promote, Promote, Promote

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